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But when suppressed, it always surfaces somewhere eventually, as depression or insomnia or bad dreams. What does matter most? But he does drop hints. Every choice, writes Hollis, demonstrating again his splendid refusal to be upbeat for the sake of it, represents a kind of death. But I can give you a compelling narrative for your misery.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Psychology A book that changed me. Thompson was standing at the door, waving.

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Over tea and cookies, Carl and Mr. Thompson spoke of the past, high school memories and the world of art. The two talked for hours and finally, Mr. You have strong designs in your landscapes. What do you notice? They were all well-done paintings for the most part.

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Similar subjects and approaches. Thompson went on to share perhaps the most important art lesson that Carl ever received. We have to find ourselves. We have to peel away from the rest of the pack. We have to forge our own way and create work unlike everyone else.

Thompson picked up the art magazine again and he flipped to one particular section. Allen Lawson. Think about that. Tree bark. No one else is doing that. The paintings are beautifully executed with a muted palette and subtle values. Or this overhead painting of chickens. Carl felt a wave of excitement.

The key that would unlock the invisible roadblock that had been stalling his career. I felt bad for not keeping in touch, and because of your illness. But she told me that was all nonsense and that I should go see you.

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She said she thought it was important. Your wife was right. Now, do a dying old man a favor. Go back to that studio of yours and start figuring out what your art is really going to be about. The joys. The pains. Find that something, and would you start painting that for me? Sure thing. Then Mr. For that beautiful and intelligent wife of yours. I think she did us both a big favor.

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating. Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion. Her lesser known book on philosophy provides broad, timeless insights. Here are her thoughts on the value of philosophy.

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The German writer, statesman, lawyer, playwright, and polymath was brilliant at distilling complex questions and concepts into simple, reflective statements. His wisdom was derived from a life spent learning, thinking, and transmitting knowledge across a wide variety of fields. He crafted […].

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