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In music Ragtime composers, including Scott Joplin, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton and others, wrote a number of slow-tempo tunes appropriate for the dance. A cornetist who played during the s described the music where the Slow drag was done, in the "less fashionable groups in town", as "more raggy" than the music that was played for the more "high-toned" dances. Introduced for the model year; the car was the same as its predecessor on the exterior but had undergone notable mechanical and interior changes.

The engine was developed in collaboration with McLaren Automotive and Ricardo Consulting Engineers and included better flowing heads with larger valves, Mechadyne cam-in-cam variable valve timing on the exhaust cam lobes, and dual electronic throttle bodies. Edmund Rumpler's Tropfenwagen was the first series-produced aerodynamically designed automobile, before the Chrysler Airflow and the Tatra The drag coefficient is a common measure in automotive design as it pertains to aerodynamics.

Drag is a force that acts parallel and in the same direction as the airflow. The drag coefficient of an automobile impacts the way the automobile passes through the surrounding air.

When automobile companies design a new vehicle they take into consideration the automobile drag coefficient in addition to the other performance characteristics. Aerodynamic drag increases with the square of speed; therefore it becomes critically important at higher speeds.

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Reducing the drag coefficient in an automobile improves the performance of the vehicle as it pertains to speed and fuel efficiency. A common way to measure the drag of the vehicle is through the drag area.

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Reducing drag The reduction of drag in road vehicl. Note the blinder, to prevent the driver from being distracted by the lights for the other lane. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles usually specially prepared for the purpose compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the s.

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The history of automobiles and motorcycles being used for drag racing is nearly as long as the history of motorized vehicles themselves, and. NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting electric vehicle drag racing events. NEDRA is a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle owners and drivers, individuals interested in promoting the sport of EV drag racing, EV parts suppliers, EV manufacturers and other environmentally concerned companies and individuals. Working together as a group, we put excitement into electric vehicle drag racing.

Another example is White Zombie,[3] a converted Datsun sedan which can win against a Dodge Viper and has a best time of The naming convention used by SRT for its models are indicative of the vehicle's engine type. The number that follows the "SRT" prefix denotes the number of engine cylinders the vehicle has. Thomas Wright "Fats" Waller May 21, — December 15, was an American jazz pianist, organist, composer, violinist, singer, and comedic entertainer. Razaf described his partner as "the soul of melody It's possible he composed many more popular songs and sold them to other performers when times were tough.

Waller started playing the piano at the age of six, and became a professional organist aged By the age of 18 he was a recording artist. The Independent Review. This is an A—Z list of jazz standards. It is intended to be as comprehensive a list as possible, including those pop standards and film song classics which have been sung or performed in jazz on numerous occasions and are considered part of the jazz repertoire. For a chronological list of jazz standards with author details, see the lists in the box on the right. Entries in italics are alternative titles for songs that appear elsewhere on the list.

Fastest Car is a Netflix original series which premiered on April 6, The second season will launch sometime in and will feature seven episodes. The winners of the fi. It was introduced at the January North American International Auto Show, but was not put into production until Extensive wind tunnel testing was used in styling the exterior of the Ram SRT This is the second time that Dodge has put a Viper engine into a Ram pickup.

The Tomahawk attracted significant press and industry attention for its striking design, its use of a large-capacity cylinder automobile engine, and its four close-coupled wheels, which gave a motorcycle-like appearance, and fueled debate on whether it was or was not actually a motorcycle. No road tests of the Tomahawk have ever been published. The musical is a tribute to the black musicians of the s and s who were part of the Harlem Renaissance, an era of growing creativity, cultural awareness, and ethnic pride, and takes its title from the Waller song "Ain't Misbehavin'".

It was a time when Manhattan nightclubs like the Cotton Club and the Savoy Ballroom were the playgrounds of high society and Lenox Avenue dives were filled with piano players banging out the new beat known as swing. Five performers present an evening of rowdy, raunchy, and humorous songs that encapsulate the various moods of the era and reflect Waller's view of life as a journey meant for pleasure and play.

Grouper is the solo project of American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris.

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She has released material on her own label and other independent labels since Grouper released the critically acclaimed Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill in , followed by five more records, including a two-part album, A I A, and the piano-led album Ruins. Her eleventh album, Grid of Points, was released in The community was known as "The Group", which would later serve as some inspiration for the moniker Grouper. According to Harris, the kids called each other and the parents 'groupers' sort of as a defiance. She says: "It was us m.

Since Bernstein has b. Henry Butler September 21, — July 2, was an American jazz and blues pianist. He learned piano, drums, and saxophone in school. He received a college degree and graduate degree and taught at the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. Despite his blindness, he spent time as a photographer and had his work exhibited in galleries.

Biography Henry Butler after opening for B. His musical training began at the Louisiana State School for the Blind, where he learned to play valve trombone, baritone horn, and drums before concentrating on singing and piano. The following is a list of characters from the series G. Joe: Renegades. He tends to be stubborn and stoic, and puts the safety of his teammates and his family first, even if they protest. He was once a rising football star in high school, but an injury in his senior year ruined his chances at getting a college scholarship.

Flint, who was indirectly responsible for his injury, later helped him out by suggesting he join the Army.


On the show, his typical attire is a combat uniform, with a beige vest over a gray and olive short-sleeved shirt with shoulder pads, with olive drab cargo pants. In combat he favors a plasma pulse pistol. After the events in "Revelations, Part 2" he now has the famous scar on his face. He was given the name "Hebi no me" "Sn. Established in by John Hennessey, their main facility is located 45 minutes west of Houston, Texas. This firm focuses on mechanical component modification for creating high-powered cars. Besides performance automobiles, they also tune sport utility vehicles such as Ford Raptors and Jeep Cherokees.

They also work on luxury cars like Bentleys and muscle cars like the Dodge Charger and Challenger. Tuner School In , the Tuner School was founded by the company. It is a private institution dedicated to teach and train high performance vehicle tuner technicians. All instructors at this education facility are actual performance tuning mechanics. Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft.

Over 4, aircraft have been built since production was approved in Air Force, improved versions are being built for export customers. He is a three-time Four Continents bronze medalist , , , the Cup of China champion and a three-time Chinese national champion , , Career The only athlete in his family, Yan started skating at the age of 5. He trained in Harbin until he relocated to Beijing in early He won gold at the event in Turkey, his only assignment that season. He did not compete at the World Junior Championships due to a fracture injury. A list of friends, associates, and enemies of the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

Spider-Man and his supporting characters.

After the murder of her husband, Ben Peter's uncle , May is virtually his only family, and they are very close. The Dodge Challenger is the name of three different generations of automobiles two of those being pony cars produced by American automobile manufacturer Dodge. However, the first use of the Challenger name by Dodge was in for marketing a "value version" of the full-sized Coronet Silver Challenger. From model years to , the first generation Dodge Challenger pony car was built using the Chrysler E platform in hardtop and convertible body styles sharing major components with the Plymouth Barracuda.

The third and current generation is a pony car that was introduced in early originally as a rival to the evolved fifth generation Ford Mustang and the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro. The Bristol Fighter is a sports car produced by Bristol Cars in small numbers from until the company suspended manufacturing in It is generally classed as a supercar. This is in keeping with Bristol's use of Chrysler engines since The series features two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who transform into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively, to protect the city from supervillains.

On 8 April , the series was officially picked up by Disney Channel and began airing since then. It also aired on the KidsClick programming block until it shutdown on 31 March Nicholas Allan Bollea born July 27, ,[1] also known as Nick Hogan, is an American reality personality and actor, best known as the son of retired professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and for his appearances on the reality show Hogan Knows Best and its spinoff, Brooke Knows Best alongside his father, mother Linda, and older sibling Brooke. Bollea was involved in a car accident in which he crashed into a tree as result of driving under the influence of alcohol and racing his automobile on August 26, The passenger in Bollea's car, John Graziano, was seriously injured and suffered massive brain damage.

Motorsports Bollea earned a Formula D competition license in from Formula Drift, the only professional drifting series in North America, and competed in one of their competitions, the event in Atlanta on May 12, Plot In the fleet After ejecting from her Viper, Starbuck awakens on a moon with a poisonous atmosphere. While avoiding being dragged over a cliff by her tangled-up parachute, Starbuck hits her knee on a rock, seriously injuring it. Starbuck is left trapped on the moon's surface with around two days of air and her radio broken.