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Recently our coffee mornings at Single Origin seem to have taken on a life of their own. For a while there were only a hardcore group of three or four regularly turning up on Fridays for a heady mix of conversation and caffeine. But now we are easily spreading across three or four tables — causing all manner of headaches for the good folk of Single Origin who good humouredly scramble to find us additional stools, tables and the odd makeshift seat.

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Last Friday we must have had 20 people squeezed onto the footpath on Reservoir Street — with conversation flying from one end of the table to the other. Among the new regulars are the authors of some excellent blogs:.

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But not everyone is able to make it down for coffee on a Friday morning. And now all these fine folks have been properly added to my reading list and blogroll. Check them out, and you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two. I do every week. For an industry that is supposed to be at the forefront of promotion, the advertising and marketing industries do a relatively poor job of positioning and marketing themselves.

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Duncan Macleod recently moved this popular site over to a new domain — www. Why the change? To take it to the next level increasing readership and income I needed help from people with capital, contacts and connections to the creative industries. After a month of conversations I moved five blogs into one and then transferred them to The Inspiration Room, joining forces with a team with a significant business plan.

Have you found there are pitfalls with this type of rebranding? I was fully aware of the pitfalls of rebranding, having previously moved my blogs from Blogspot. Those include the loss of RSS subscribers, the sheer hard work required to update past posts, and a temporary setback in Google page rank, Alexa and Technorati ranking. The main thing missing now is the number of links to images on the site.

13 Small Business Marketing Strategies For 2019

That could be a good thing for just now. What would you do differently next time?

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  5. What would I do differently next time? The Inspiration Room caters to an audience interested in advertising and marketing. Do you see it growing outside of this market?

    Top 15 Online Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business

    However an analysis of visitors to the site through search engines reveals that over half of the visitors come from outside that market — people interested in reading about advertising, looking for the name of the music used, treating advertising as an art form. There is no discussion or comments allowed on the pieces you show. Is this a conscious decision? However the front page is designed to show the first section of each post, to allow 10 posts to be loaded quickly.

    Closing the deal

    Some posts have had up to comments. However most visitors come via search engines directly to each post and never encounter this problem. Julian Cole has extended his Top 25 Marketing Blog list to well over entries … which, no doubt, takes a great deal of time and effort.

    It is great to see a growing number of writers taking the time and making the effort to engage in discussions about marketing and brands in a landscape that is under constant transformation. Be sure to check out the full list at AdspacePioneers. I have chosen to list those blogs ranking in the last 10 of the — each of which contains fantastic content.

    Yelp Review on Vegas Marketing Companies

    It seems that there is a great depth of quality thinking right across the list — boding well for the Australian marketing landscape. It made a bit of a ripple, but did not really dint my consciousness, which is surprising because I am always on the lookout for brands especially big brands who are digging into social media. Last week, Mike Hickinbotham from said blog , tagged me to give my two cents on whether nowwearetaking is hitting the mark.

    But for me, the old one-two in social media is about the exchange of value. It is about the easy fostering of conversation and the swift conversion of that dialogue into action. But this is no simple registration process … I needed to also provide my postcode as a form of identification along with some demographic data. Recommendation: Open up comments. Make sure that a valid email address is provided, but registration is an inhibitor to conversation which is supposedly one of your aims.

    As I stepped through the registration process, I was greeted by a link to the Terms and Conditions. So not only do I have to register my details, I also have to sign over the rights to any insight I share as part of a discussion! OK, to be honest, this does not really bother me. Recommendation: Go crazy and republish your blogs under a creative commons license. This will not only demonstrate that you GET social media and its economy of mutual attribution and participative value co-creation, it will also build you enormous and instant goodwill. But, to be honest, as Cameron Reilly suggested , there is a long way to go. There are a growing band of active Australian bloggers who also provide consulting services, strategic advice and insight as to how you can plan for, build and execute an integrated strategy with social media, trust and transparency at its heart. I am sure they would help accelerate your successes in this space especially now that you are throwing Twitter into the mix. Telstra has made a great start but is also faced with an almost unmatched opportunity. Update: The conversation continues with Lid providing a series of tips and insights; Stephen Collins suggesting a thorough reading of the Cluetrain Manifesto and the Zappos tweetstream; and Katie Harris giving the thumbs down.

    Jye Smith has also chimed in. Skip to content Here in Australia, there has been a noticeable change in the velocity of conversation around digital and social media in the last six to twelve months. Have a media and marketing focus Be originally posted in Be original work.

    Craig says it best: In true web style the winner will receive…. Dear Minister, As an Australian and an internet user, I have serious concerns about your mandatory Internet filtering initiative. Older posts. Servant of Chaos. Young PR. Inpiration Room Daily. Get Shouty. Adspace -Pioneers. Personalize Media. London Calling. Brand DNA. The Marketer. Gold Coast Web Designers. Media Hunter. Marketing Magazine. Better Communication Results.

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