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Here the reader will be told about spirits from the other world, some loitering by the place of their violent death, and others haunting a place they perhaps cannot leave, even in their passing from this world.


These are confrontations with the dead, collected from across the county. What they all have in common is a shaky, nervous recall of encounters with restless souls, sometimes in places where they have been met before. The author has gathered and selected these Red Rose stories with a strong awareness of the unsettled and sometimes horrendous social and religious history of one of Britain's most paranormal shires, taken from old sources and from personal anecdotes. Hauntings in Lincolnshire gathers many of these ordinary meetings with the ghosts, poltergeists, restless spirits and tortured souls from the other world.

Included here are stories from the city of Lincoln, a place of gaols and hangings, and ghost stories from the Fens in the south and from the fishing communities of the Humber estuary. Tales by ordinary folk mix here with some of the famous and infamous spectres of Lincolnshire. All rights reserved. Paranormal Books I've been interested in ghosthunting since my teens. Not sure if this is the answer to some posts going through and others disappearing — is it because some users no longer belong to the forum? Shame also as the posts bring up amazing local history and family history.

Extract from newspaper……We planned to marry. He added that Beverley left the fiat, at Avonmore-road. Can anyone help with information on possible links between the Hammersmith workhouse and the cotton mills in Bolton? I am currently researching an ancestor Rose Beard b Her family were in very straightened circumstances and she appears in the census in Rumworth Bolton as a cotton mill operative age 14 boarding with a number of other London born girls.

There is an Industrial school at Rumworth Lostock but this was only for boys in the s. Can anyone point me to some fruitful areas of research to find out how she might have found herself so far away from home?


This is from the Spartacus-educational. To overcome this labour shortage factory owners had to find other ways of obtaining workers. One solution to the problem was to buy children from orphanages and workhouses. The children became known as pauper apprentices. This involved the children signing contracts that virtually made them the property of the factory owner.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Historic Sites of Lancashire and Cheshire, by James Croston.

Pancras Workhouse and the owner of a great cotton mill, near Nottingham. In August , eighty boys and girls, who were seven years old, or were considered to be that age, became parish apprentices till they had acquired the age of twenty-one. Hi historyaschurchfulham Thanks for this. My ancestor Rose was the middle child of 3.

Her mother had died, followed by her father a year later leaving her 20 year old stepmother with 4 children under This would have been in the s. Does anyone know what jurisdiction they might have fallen within or what authorities might have been involved in sending a young girl away, and indeed what records there might be? Many Thanks. Hi Mark Thanks for your help. For example there is a record of her sister Florence being enrolled in school by Frederick.

A bit about some of my books...

The older brother became a carpenter like his father and uncle. Many thanks Joanne. With regards records check out London Metropolitan Archives on line catalogue. Rose Jane Mary Beard an operative at the cotton mills married in to Robert McCartney a mechanic at the cotton mills who then went onto work as a mechanic for the Tate Sugar Factory They were both residing at Lostock Junction when they married.

In the census Rose with the other London girls are living in Heatons Houses with a wife and her daughter — Lostock Junction Mills stood on a narrow stretch of land by Heaton Road. Lostock Mills. The article on Pauper Apprenticeship explains about children being brought from London to the mills. Although it is now a long time ago, I was hoping that there might be relatives or descendants still living in your area who might be prepared to give me more information about him.

The first longer message is not showing up — but had been approved. There was alot of research in that reply, what is happening with that post please. Sorry Lorraine I have been a little behind on moderating, catching up now sorry to all for the inconvenience. Thankyou for your comprehensive response. No problem — thought it was a glitch with the software and to let you know as soon as possible to get the missing text back. Hi just getting a bit worried, is moderating just a little behind or software not working?

Have seen some comments in preview needing to be moderated, some have been moderated, some data has disappeared does this happen when you are looking at? I am now saving my work in Word and checking my research is still on the site, e. People have helped me with my family history research on other sites, so helping people on this site is my payback, as well as finding interesting information for the area where our ancestors lived. Does anyone have any information about this event?

Hounslow Libraries Local Collection includes a simple typescript list of wartime bombing incidents in the borough of Heston and Isleworth between and This provides the date and location of the bomb incident and a note of the extent of the property damage it caused, but does not record casualties. In recent years Councillor Sue Sampson and some residents of Isleworth set up a memorial to the civilian war dead of the parish of Isleworth on North Street Green — the site of another V1 flying bomb incident.

Gяєαт Bяιтιѕн Gнσѕтѕ [S01E01]

A memorial book was published in connection with the new memorial stone. But this only covered the civilian dead of Isleworth, whilst Hounslow West is in the former parish of Heston. Dear Lorraine and James,Thank you so much for this. Very best wishes,Claire. Wife of Arthur Cecil Cooper. Irene Jelinska is also recorded as having died at 68 Clifford Road on the same date, which would go some way to explaining the double funeral reported in the Chronicle. This bombing is mentioned in A. The most serious flying bomb incident was at Wilton Road on the night of 12th July when 11 people were killed and 35 seriously injured.

A mobile First Aid Unit with Dr. Curran in charge set up on the spot and attended to many casualties. The Warden and Ambulance Services were also hard at work and help was given by men of the U.

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The W. About 70 people were rendered homeless and they were accommodated at the nearest Rest Centre. District Warden R. Hamilton was the Incident Officer in charge, assisted by Deputy D. The date and location of the bombing is also confirmed by the Heston and Isleworth bomb damage register. Jelinska , aged six months, were injured and taken to hospital. Baby Jelinska died on Wednesday.

Before her marriage Mrs. Jelinska was a Civil servant, engaged at the Ministry of Health. She was 22 years of age. The interment of Mrs.

Graggs Vicar officiating. The organist Mr. The mourners were Mr. Cooper husband , Miss J.