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A very appreciative audience watched and listened with rapt attention as the Barcodes ran through their superb set which ranged from the aforementioned Mr. Green to Mose Allison. Often on the jazzy side but always great to listen to and enjoy, I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to catch the Barcodes and look forward eagerly to the new CD.

Ashwyn Smyth - Phoenixfm Radio. The sound is Cool and jazzy, described by a reviewer of their previous album Keep Your Distance as the sort of music you'd like to listen too in the ambience of a late night club with a lonely glass of wine after midnight music. June If you enjoyed the flute on Audience's House on the Hill you'll love this one with Bob Hadrell's Hammond also coming into it's own. There are six cover versions on this album covering the work of Sonny Boy Williamson, J.

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From the combination of these artists you get an instant picture of the influences and the sound of the Barcodes. Track 2, written by Alan Glen and called "Be Cool", features his powerful and wailing harmonica and needless to say contains a tasty guitar solo. A beautiful solo from Bob Hadrell's Wurlitzer is a highlight on this number.

Bob has created the unique sound of "The Barcodes". This is a band collaboration with those laid back but firm vocals from Bob Haddrell. Sonny Boy would love it. Maintaining the slow tempo on the album is J.

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The piano solo holds no surprises, not because the solo is overly familiar but because it leads you along gently and takes you exactly where you expect to be and conjures up the image of ice clinking in a glass. Alan Glen puts in a tasty guitar solo, bringing out the full flavour of that Gibson guitar and is supplemented, with the tenor sax of Nick Newall. Track 10 called "Motya" is a good motoring track - it came on in the car whilst "making progress" on the autoroute to Le Mans.

Just the ticket. Three cover versions complete the album and Alan gets to stretch out with the harmonica on "One More Chance With You". A very enjoyable 2nd CD from the band that takes you smoothly from one track to the next whilst allowing all the band members to put in great solos and bring out the "Barcode Sound".

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Definately one that will be in the "now playing" section of my CD collection for quite sometime to come. Blues in Britain - Paul Stiles Rating 9. Blues in Britain. Well, the boys have done it again.

This is a wonderful. It's that kind of diminished chord, jazz based blues that makes you think if you don't know different how easy it is. But to swing like this takes years of practice and dedication. Dino Coccia d.

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We examine whether there is any incentive to retain monetary policy independence; and whether accountability can and should be used to ensure fiscal and monetary policies support each other, rather than destroy each other. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation. Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content.

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Copy URL. Independently Blue? Abstract Most of the literature on the independence of the Central Bank assumes only one policy instrument is available: monetary policy.