Histoires grises (French Edition)

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For migratory species, the presence indicated concerns areas of reproduction. This status is based on one or more of the following criteria: search of species incomplete but presence of supportive environments; ecology of the species consistent with the hypothesis of his presence; the last reliable sighting is older than 10 years compared to the reference date, no recent specific research and no presumption of extinction from that date [vertebrates, invertebrates and plants well studied rhopalocera, grasshoppers, dragonflies This point covers the absence, more difficult by nature to demonstrate than presence.

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This status is based on one or more of the following criteria: intensive but unsuccessful targeted research; lack of adequate environments; unobserved species while its presence is easily detected; unlikely presence for historical or biogeographical reasons. This status must be assigned to a department in which the presence of the species is casual.

Particular case of absence due to a proven extinction less than a half century ago older disappearances are treated as "no probable or definite". In the state of knowledge, we can not comment on the presence or absence in the current department.

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This is the default status when not comprised in one of the previous categories or whenever there is doubt. View the presentation. Access to the data on distribution.