Flirting: The Tao Books of Flirting, Teasing and Temptation (Dating Advice for Women and Men)

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Lord Long Yang was a gay nobleman mentioned in the eighteenth-century classic Dream of the Red Chamber. The king asked what was wrong, upon which Long Yang said that catching bigger fish made him want to throw back the smaller ones, which surely meant that, with so many beauties in the world, some day the ruler would discard him in favor of a greater beauty.

There is indeed a great deal of documentation of commonly practiced homosexual customs in those areas. For example, it was noted during the seventeenth century that it was usual for upper-class and educated men in Fujian to marry other men. Nonetheless, there are several Chinese terms for homosexuality as well:. First adopted in by gay rights activists in Hong Kong. Terms for lesbian roles. A lesbian bar just for tomboys. Since most Chinese lesbians believe that a T and a P should date each other, the exact reason for the existence of a tomboy-only bar is somewhat mystifying.

Referring to a group of women in Guangdong and other parts of southern China during the late s and early s who vowed to resist the oppressions of the Confucian conception of marriage. Either, versatile. That is, you can be either the 1 or the 0. A gay guy who prefers Asian men this would simply be said in English, as there is no translation in Chinese. A gay guy who prefers white men this would simply be said in English, as there is no translation in Chinese.

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A usually young man who takes money for sex with other men. A girly, or effeminate, gay man. Drag queen applies both to men who dress up as women and to women who dress up as men in performances. Queen and said in English. Many Chinese gays also just say. Fuck buddy. Taiwan slang for a park where gay men gather and meet.

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Transsexual or hermaphrodite. Fag hag. In the last few decades leading up to the Communist revolution, the city of Shanghai was unquestionably the most sinful place on earth. The Whore of Asia, as the city was known, was born in at the conclusion of the Opium War, when the British forced imperial China to open the port city to foreign trade, and the British-soon followed by the Americans, the French, and numerous other nationalities-quickly established settlements there, each governed by its own rule of law.

The mishmash of completely different governments, laws, and courts meant that evading arrest was as simple as walking a block in one direction or another or buying a fake passport for some random nationality. Decadence reached its apex in the s, when the opium trade had grown into a full-fledged international drug cartel trafficking in morphine, heroin, and cocaine. The city had three hundred jazz cabarets and a hundred thousand prostitutes, organized gambling thrived on the largest scale of any city in the world, in addition to opium parlors and gambling halls there were nightclubs that featured erotic shows with real live onstage sex, and at some hotels you could order heroin via room service.

Today Shanghai is still known for its nightlife but compared to its heyday is a relatively staid financial city. The influx of foreigners coming to misbehave, however, continues, alive and well, throughout the country. Whether your vice of choice is methamphetamines or auto theft, hookers galore or simply partying till dawn, here is the necessary vocabulary for every naughty deed under the Eastern sun.

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The term originated in Taiwan and has spread through southern China. Used in Taiwan. Microphone monopolist. Chinese liquor. It is drunk only in shots, accompanied by an elaborate set of rituals and social mores that, in a nutshell, enable Chinese men to bully each other into puking oblivion beneath a veneer of politeness. Dirty, obscene, pornographic.

To speak rudely or insolently. Thrill seeking. Pole dancing. This activity has become popular among some urban Chinese women as a form of exercise, with at least a few of them unaware that westerners associate it with stripping. Fighting in public. The term originally referred to acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera performances. Now it also refers to fighting in the streets or other public places. Cut and run, leave the scene of the crime, remove oneself from an awkward situation. Obscene, dirty, pornographic.

Hard-core porn movie. Soft-core porn movie. Substance abuse. Drug addict. Smoke as in smoking marijuana, opium, heroin, etc. Can be inserted in front of any drug name to indicate use of that drug. Both can describe dropping, crashing, or a comedown. Smoke as in weed or hash. High on marijuana. Slang for cocaine and also the Chinese brand name for Coca-Cola. Line in connection with coke use. Ecstasy official name.

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Pill slang for an ecstasy pill. Southern Chinese slang for ecstasy. A transliteration of the English. As in many other countries, Special K is fast usurping ecstasy as a popular club drug in China. This is exacerbated by the fact that several factories within its borders produce ketamine for legitimate veterinary use, and thus the drug is cheaper in China.

Widely available and abused in China because ephedra, the plant from which ephedrine is derived, is native to southern China and used in traditional Chinese medicine , and the production and export of the drug is a massive industry. Ice slang for crystal methamphetamine. Ice use is growing by leaps and bounds in China, for the reasons discussed in the previous entry ephedrine is a precursor chemical for methamphetamine.

Slang for LSD. Pronounced like the English letter. Heroin is by far the most abused drug in China. Ironically, heroin first took hold in China during the s because it was considered a cure for the widespread problem of opium addiction. Northern Chinese slang for powder heroin. Opium, which was more or less forced on the Chinese by Britain during the late s to deal with a trade imbalance caused by sky-high demand for Chinese porcelain and tea, has been an extraordinarily widespread problem for the country. The Communist revolution wiped out the drug almost completely, but inevitably, given that the drug is largely produced in countries that border China, it has, since the late s, begun to spread once again.

The three accompaniments are supposedly drinking, dancing, and chatting or singing with their clients often while being groped. Of course, the unspoken fourth accompaniment costs extra. Whore, prostitute. Prostitutes who solicit clients by phone in hotel rooms.

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Prostitutes who work under the guise of a hair salon, beauty parlor, bathhouse, or massage parlor. A related term is:. Whore, prostitute, hooker. To take home a prostitute. A verb used when a john takes a prostitute away from the establishment and to a home or hotel instead.

Literally the term used for a doggie bag or wrapping up leftover food to take home from a restaurant, but it can also be jokingly used to indicate that you want to take a prostitute off premises. Women frequently use this word in reference to a man who is aggressively hitting on them. Originally it referred exclusively to older men who prey on younger women, but now it refers to men of any age. To take advantage of or harass a woman.

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  • Most often used to refer to a man verbally assaulting a woman with obscene words. Used in Taiwan and Guangdong Province. Originated in Shanghai but now used everywhere. Triad, the largest organized crime network in China. The Triads originally started out in the s as a resistance movement to overthrow the Manchu emperor and restore Han Chinese rule.

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    After the Qing dynasty finally collapsed in , these former outlaws and rebels, no longer enjoying the benefit of public support and funding, turned to crime and extortion to support themselves. Someone usually a gang member from Fujian Province who smuggles illegal immigrants out of China and into other countries for a fee. In a country without a free press, it is impossible to overstate the profound impact that the Internet has had on society. Online bulletin board systems BBS hosted by Chinese universities have long been hotbeds of intellectual debate, and today seemingly every company, media outlet, Web portal, and random organization in the country has a BBS garnering an estimated ten million new posts each day, with single posts frequently provoking hundreds, if not thousands, of replies.

    A mostly dead medium in the West, BBSs are invaluable to Chinese users because of the anonymity they afford.