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Pld Lua Error. Code function example argument -- see how nice this looks end 2. In , it was announced that Tim Seeley and Logan Faerber would be launching a new Blade series, starting in October , as part of Marvel's post- Secret Wars relaunch. However this book has since been delayed for an unspecified time. Blade born Eric Brooks was born in a whorehouse in the Soho neighborhood of London , England in When Tara experienced severe labor complications, a doctor was summoned who was in actuality Deacon Frost , a vampire who feasted on her during Eric's birth and killed her.

However, this inadvertently passed along certain enzymes in his own blood to the infant. This resulted in Eric's quasi-vampiric abilities, including a greatly prolonged lifespan and the ability to sense supernatural creatures, as well as an immunity to complete vampirism.

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Brooks' fellow prostitutes drove off Frost before he could kill the infant as well. Eric grew up living at Madame Vanity's, and at age nine, returning home from school one December, he saw an old man being attacked by three vampires. Eric helped the old man, who used a silver cane to kill the vampires and fight off the attackers.

The man was Jamal Afari , a jazz trumpeter and vampire hunter who then moved into Madame Vanity's and trained the young Eric in both music and combat. Blade was soon able to defeat many of the weak, younger vampires that he and Afari found in abundance. Blade's victories made him cocky.

He joined a street gang, the Bloodshadows, [5] headed by Cyrus Cutter, later killed by Blade in a knife fight caused by Blade's disapproval of Cutter's actions as leader.

Glory Anah, Cutter's girlfriend, later became Blade's. Having gone to London, where for months they hunted vampires, demons, and warlocks, the group encountered a much older and more powerful vampire than any Blade had met before, named Lamia.

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Blade barely defeated Lamia, with the other members of the group being killed, except Glory, who was turned into a vampire whilst Blade was down. Although Glory subsequently refused to kill Blade in recognition of their relationship, she warned him never to look for her or she would kill him. The tragedy of the experience left Blade more determined than ever to dedicate his life to the complete extermination of vampires. Afari himself later fell prey to Dracula , the first occurrence in an ongoing battle between Dracula and Blade.

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Together, they staked Dracula again. Dracula survived, and killed all the hunters except Blade and Musenda, who eventually retired from vampire hunting. Orji had created a lasting impression on Blade with his use of wooden daggers to combat vampires, leading to Blade adopting that weapon as his preferred arms.

Consumed by grief for his fallen comrades, Blade resumed his quest alone. Later, after an unsuccessful battle with Dracula, [9] Blade realized he was immune to turning from a vampire's bite.

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Blade later battled Dracula in London, [12] as well as Morbius, the Living Vampire , [13] and the Legion of the Dead, [14] who framed him for murder. Blade's hunt for his mother's killer led him to Boston , Massachusetts , where he allied with Dracula against Doctor Sun. He eventually encountered Hannibal King , a private detective whom Deacon Frost had turned into a vampire.

Together, they shut down Frost for good, destroying Frost, and forging a lasting friendship. Blade, Rachel van Helsing, and Harold H. Harold later confronted Dracula. In later years, Blade, along with King and Drake, became a frequent ally of the sorcerer Doctor Strange , and the three assisted Strange in battles with Dracula and the Darkholders and assisted in the casting of the Montesi Formula, which for a time destroyed all vampires on Earth.

Alongside Doctor Strange, the three detectives battled the Darkholders again. The agency discontinued after Drake left and Blade was committed to a psychiatric hospital following a battle with a temporarily resurrected Dracula. The three Nightstalkers battled Meatmarket.

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Upon the eventual weakening of the Montesi Formula and the return of vampires, Blade encountered and staked a former ally, a now-vampiric Taj Nital, and survived a battle with the vampire lord Varnae in which Drake and King appeared to have been killed. A solo vampire-hunter once again, Blade briefly joined forces with the mystic Bible John Carik , and encountered a vampire impersonating Deacon Frost and a once-again resurrected Dracula. Later, in New Orleans , Louisiana , Blade discovered that Hannibal King had survived, and the two joined forces to defeat a genuinely resurrected Frost.

Blade remained active in New Orleans, defeating the vampire Ulysses Sojourner and his own former ally, Morbius, the Living Vampire , who was under Sojourner's mental thrall. It was at this time that Blade assumed the unofficial title of "Daywalker" among his prey. The United Nations -sanctioned espionage agency S. Blade and the vampire-hunting twins Mosha and Mikado shut down the project. Blade later joined Noah Van Helsing, actually Noah Tremayne, Rachel Van Helsing's adopted cousin, and several vampire hunters worldwide to stop Dracula from becoming a genuinely god-like vampire lord.

Blade then returned to New Orleans.

Blade re-encountered Dracula, and appeared to fully destroy the vampire once again, aboard the S. Helicarrier Pericles V.

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Unbeknownst to Blade, his wealthy father, Lucas Cross, had been responsible for Dracula's most recent resurrection. Cross later kidnapped Blade and attempted to force Blade to feed on a virgin girl in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy. Blade escaped after biting through his own hand. Later, Blade would feed on a virgin after biting an evil vampire priest , Draconis. In exchange for undertaking a time travel adventure for the supervillain Doctor Doom , Blade received from Doom an elixir that would purportedly cure a vampire of thirst for human blood but would also remove the bloodlust vampire hunters get for killing the undead.

At the end of the series, Blade gave Hannibal King the elixir. During this time travel mission, Blade fulfilled another part of the prophecy by freeing his imprisoned father. During the Civil War storyline, in which the superheroes of the Marvel Universe were split over the Superhuman Registration Act , Blade registers and begins cooperating with S. Blade completes a prophecy he believes would give all extant vampires back their souls, but which instead returns to existence every vampire that had ever been killed.