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The time spend doing that increased my initial attention and consequently improved my recall even if I had not yet reviwed the word in context.

I think that every self taught student will end up with some kind of squisit way of learning old things in a new way, and this are some of the ideas I developed to make increase my vocabulary, and pronunciation, because each phrase has its real associated audio. Sounds like a complicated situation, Rukhsana!

Exercises: advanced level

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Awesome Dmitry! Listen on Apple Podcasts.

While other podcasts just read out the word and the definition, Nick adds charm through funny mnemonics and stories. I know you designed it yourself, so I want to say, great job. I really look forward to listening to your podcasts.

Advanced English Vocabulary - The Letter "A"

They have also improved so much!! I love the quizzes at the end and the introduction of different people usually religious or political speakers? Very helpful when studying for the GRE.

Tips for Improving Your Business English Vocabulary Quickly

Does a great job at helping you remember the words. Please do more soon! Great podcast so far. However, please check your pronunciation of the word misanthrope. Page One - this page. Full Grammar explanations.

200 Advanced English Words You MUST Know for Fluent English

Fun , imaginative quizzes and games. Full statistics. Track your progress as your English improves!

Download today for FREE! Share Tweet. Fun exercises to improve your English. Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading, Listening and much more.